Every campaign needs donations to keep it moving forward.

As an Independent, I’ll be working only for my community. I will not get big corporate donations because I will not promise corporates anything in return. To do this work, I need the support of my community.

Every one of your precious dollars will be spent carefully, and strategically. It will go towards the everyday things I will need for my campaign, including pamphlets, corflutes (I didn’t know what they were either), how-to-vote cards and posters. BUT, critically – I am in a contest with a man who has the financial backing of a billionaire. You have already seen the impact that can have. To compete, even slightly, I will need to advertise. And that is expensive. Every dollar you can contribute will be crucial to my success. And so greatly appreciated.

Independents are desperately needed in Parliament. If you’ve never donated to a political campaign before – well, neither had I. There's never a better time to start.

Visit our Campaign Registry if you'd like to donate specific items to our campaign. We promise you'll love the experience!

Donation Form

Please note that the details of every donation over $14,500 will form part of my required financial disclosure to the Australian Electoral Commission (including cumulative donations from the one person or entity, if they exceed that amount). You will also need to lodge a donor disclosure after the election. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

“I am running for Federal Parliament. I am qualified, I am committed, and I am sensible. Hughes is ready for change. We’ve had enough of crazy.”